One Insane Vintage Motorcycle Collection

Lots of people traffic in cool-looking old-school bikes. Then there’s Stuart Parr, who has compiled perhaps the most drool-worthy personal vintage motorcycle collection in the world.

At the very least, it’s the finest one-owner assortment of Italian two-wheelers we’ve come across.

The renowned Hollywood producer and designer’s haul includes about 90 bikes housed in New York and more than 80 Italian motorcycles in a private museum in the Netherlands that’s dedicated to preserving the history of Laverda bikes.

Parr, whose film credits includes Southpaw and 8 Mile, says he fell in love with bikes as a suburban Sacramento kid.

“I just found myself completely engrossed visually with motorcycles,” recalls the 51-year-old. “Growing up in California, I can remember being up at Lake Tahoe on the July 4th weekend, and literally thousands of Hells Angels, on their Harleys, would drive by. I was just fascinated.”

The producer’s first motorcycle was a mini bike he got when he was six. Parr’s first vintage two-wheeler was a 1971 Triumph Bonneville 750 that be bought for $1,800 when he was in his early twenties.

For Parr, there’s just something alluring about the design and sound of a motorcycle, especially the classic Italian ones. “The sport models are where racing meets the road,” raves Parr. “The Italian manufacturers would build bikes to race with, and a lot of them would offer street-legal versions.”

Some 35 of the most prized pieces from Parr’s personal collection are currently being showcased in Miami Design District through April 22nd. The exhibit, called the Art of the Italian Two Wheel, includes a 1971 MV Agusta 750 sport Frame, a 1974 MV Agusta 750 Magni and a 1971 Laverda 750SFC, as well as a special bike designed by Parr in collaboration with Magni Motorcycles. A previous exhibit of Parr’s collection, held in New York back in 2015, drew more than 50,000 visitors.

Still, for Parr, it’s all about the thrill of the ride. “You get on a bike like my MV Agusta Magni, it’s incredible—the wind blowing, the sound, the feeling, the way they run through the gears,” he says. “I really enjoy that.”

He should know: We can imagine having more than 170 bikes to pick from only adds to the excitement of hitting the open road.



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