Multimillion-dollar stones: The most precious diamonds across the world

Diamonds are the rarest and most precious stones in the world. Such is their beauty that a select few diamonds in the world are deemed priceless! Read on to see some of the most expensive and beautiful diamonds across the globe.

Name – Blue Moon of Josephine Diamond | Carat – 12.03 | Price – $48.4 million: This stone was discovered in a South African mine and was bought by Hong Kong-based billionaire Joseph Lau and named after his seven-year-old daughter. (Picture: Sotheby’s)

Name – Archduke Joseph Diamond | Carat – 76.54 | Price – $21 million: The precious stone gets its name from its first owner, Archduke Joseph August of Austria. It now belongs to a private collection. (Picture: Christie’s)

Name – Cullinan Dream Diamond | Carat – 24.18 | Price – $25.4 million: Discovered in South Africa, Cullinan was cut from a 122.52-carat stone. It is one of the most expensive blue stones ever sold. (Picture: Christie’s)

Name – Hope Diamond | Carat – 45.52 | Price – $250 million: The Blue Hope Diamond was mined in India in the early 17th century. One of its many owners is King Louis XIV of France. It is now contained in the Smithsonian Institution. It is said to be cursed and brings bad luck to anyone who wears it. (Picture: Reuters)

Name – Oppenheimer Blue Diamond | Carat – 14.62 | Price – $50.6 million: This precious stone is the world’s most expensive jewel ever sold at an auction. It gets its name from its former owner Sir Philip Oppenheimer. The diamond was sold in May 2017 for $50.6 million. (Picture: Reuters)

Name – Sweet Josephine Diamond | Carat – 16.08 | Price – $28.5 million: Another one in Joseph Lau’s possessions, the Sweet Josephine Diamond, is among the most expensive pink diamonds sold at an auction. This diamond is also named by the billionaire after his daughter. (Picture: Christie’s)

Name – Orange Diamond | Carat – 14.82 | Price – $35.5 million: This diamond is the largest and most expensive orange diamond ever sold at auction. This rock holds the world record for price per carat. (Picture: Reuters)

Name – Jacob Diamond | Carat – 185 | Price – $113 million: Discovered in 1884 and put up for sale in 1981 by Alexander Malcolm Jacob, this diamond was acquired by India for close to $13 million in 1995. (Picture: Reuters)

Name – Unique Pink Diamond | Carat – 15.38 | Price – $31.6 million: The Unique Pink Diamond rests on a ring, and was sold for $31.6 million in May 2016. It was bought by an anonymous buyer and is the most expensive, pear-shaped pink diamond sold at an auction. (Picture: Sotheby’s)

Name – Constellation Diamond | Carat – 813 carats | Price – $63.3 million: The most expensive rough diamond in the world, it was mined in Botswana and sold to jeweller De Grisogono in 2017. It’s the largest diamond to be discovered in over a century. (Picture: Reuters)

Name – Koh-i-Noor Diamond | Carat – 105.602 | Price – priceless: Decorating the crown of the Queen Mother in England, the name of this priceless crown literally translates to ‘Mountain of Light’. This gemstone was owned by Kaktiya dyanasty in the 13th century and was somehow passed on to Queen Victoria in 1849. The picture shows a glass replica of the Koh-i-Noor diamond. (Picture: Reuters)

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