Haunting Photos Taken Moments Before Tragedy

A Daredevil’s Final Jump

Russian daredevil Pavel Kashin was a notable Parkour enthusiast who went to great lengths to fulfill his passion. In an attempt to backflip off a roof wall, he lost his balance and fell 16 stories to his gruesome death. His friends captured the chilling effort.

TransAsia Airlines Flight 235

This 2015 domestic flight crashed shortly after takeoff when one of its engines suffered a flameout. The plane clipped a taxi, plummeted into the Keelung River, and took the lives of all but 15 of the 53 passengers and five crew on board.

Jayan’s Deadly Stunt

Famous Indian actor Krishnan Nair, popularly known as Jayan, was filming a climactic scene on the set of Kolilakkam in 1980 before this helicopter crashed with the actor dangling from its landing skids. Jayan later succumbed to his injuries.

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