25 Perfectly Timed Photographs That Will Leave Your Jaw Dropped

Less than often, we come across a photograph which is captured so perfectly that it is hard to believe its authenticity. Telling multiple stories, sometimes, even stories that they don’t intend to, these photographs have a legacy of their own. They are so perfectly timed and perfectly placed that they take our breathes away. Today, we are going to take a look at some of them, Yes, right here, we will check some amazing photographs that defies rationale. So, here’s presenting 100 perfectly timed photographs that will leave your jaw dropped.

100.A Closer Look

Let us start with our photograph at number 100 on our list of 100 perfectly timed photographs that will leave your jaw dropped. Sometimes looks can be deceiving, and that is what is exactly happening with this picture here. Here, as a woman is peeking into a telescope to take a look a distant place, it seems that the telescope is shoved into the posterior of the man in red. Not a pretty sight, we suppose!


Next up at number 99 on our list is this amazing photograph from the world of sports. As two synchronised swimmers perform a routine, one of them heads underwater as the others leaps out of it. Thus, we have the illusion of a giant human in the water whose chest and legs are over the water surface.

  1. In Driver’s Seat

Coming in at number 98 on our list is this adorable photograph of this canine beauty. As a dog peeks its head out, it gives the illusion of a person with the body of a human and the head of a dog driving a car. That’s a sight you don’t see every day.

  1. Journey

Grabbing the 97th position on our list is this breath-taking shot of a jet plane rising above the sky as the passes through the Christ, the Redeemer in Brazil. The bright fiery yellow-red colour of the vehicle in the monochrome backdrop is a sight to behold.

  1. Kick Some Butts

Next up at number 96 on our list is this funny photograph from a shop. As a woman bends down to pick up something from a box, she is positioned perfectly in front of a mannequin which has one of its legs raised in the action of kicking. Looks like someone’s being playful.

  1. Imperfection

Coming in at number 95 on our list is the monochromic beauty. Taken from the point of view of a caged wall, the photograph captures the exact moment a boat travels on the sea as its comes between the hole on the caged wall. Reflecting the story of an escape, this is one shot which is highly underrated.

  1. Shots Fired

Grabbing the 94th position on our list is this disastrous picture. As a man performs some kind of stunt/exercise, a ball of fire behind him burns on. A line of smoke that connects the man with fire, that too, in his butt, it seems, the man is responsible for lighting up the fire with his gas.

  1. The Private Moon

Next up at number 93 on our list is this amazing shot. As the moon flies on the sky, it positions itself in a way that makes us believe that it is resting over the building. What is even more compelling is that there is a plate on the building over which the moon is resting.

  1. Face Beneath Attire

Coming in at number 92 is this spooky photograph. As a bunch of t-shirts hangs in the cupboard, their arm sleeves (the red ones) shape themselves in the shape of a ghostly face. Looks like no one’s gonna come near that!

  1. Holder of the Sun

Grabbing the 90th position on our list of 100 perfectly timed photographs that will leave your jaw dropped is this nature beauty. As a fly flies, it positions itself over the sun, giving us the impression that its tiny two legs are holding to the giant ball of fire, and with much ease and without pain!

  1. Illusion or Reality

Next up at 89th position on our list is this canine picture. What were the odds of a brown dog sitting in exactly similar position in front of a graffiti of a similar dog doing the same thing? Well, that’s what is happening here.

  1. Larger than Life

Grabbing the 88th position on our list is this monstrous photograph taken from the windshield of a vehicle. In what appears to be a giant insect invading the roads, is nothing but a tiny insect crawling over the windshield. The position from where the photograph has been taken, makes it appear that the insect is a giant monster.

  1. Perfectionist

Coming in a number 87 on our list is this piece of art. Capturing the exact moment that a man hits the swimming pool; this photograph makes us believe that the man is resting above the water in a modelesque pose. But what is actually happening here is that the man diving down the pool in an extraordinary position to create the illusion that he is resting and sitting over the water surface.

  1. Opera

Catering to all music lovers is our photograph at number 86. As a squirrel stands up on a tree branch in an erratic position, it is giving us the impression that he is conduction a theatrical opera performance, giving the master musician he is. Adorable as it is, his agitation is clearly reflected in the picture.

  1. Popped Eye

Grabbing the 85th position on our list of 100 perfectly timed photographs that will leave your jaw dropped comes this interesting photograph. A simple picture of man wearing sunglass becomes intriguing when the t-shirt design of the person taking the picture is reflected on the glasses he is wearing, which in an interesting manner, positions and shapes itself in the form of his two pupils.

  1. The Cleanest Pee

Disgusting the number 84 photograph may see at first glance, but if you look carefully, you will see that the truth is far from reality here. In what appears to be a kid playing with the pee of the man standing next to her, is nothing but an illusion. The man is covering a tap, from where the water is coming out. Since we can’t see the tap, it is making us believe that the man is letting the water out from his bladders.

  1. The Connector

Next up at number 83 is this catastrophic photograph. Thunder always creates for some of the most compelling shots, and here, it is doing nothing different. As lightning strikes the Statue of Liberty, it seems that the wrath from the heaven has come down the Earth and is channelling down through the statue. How perfectly it is streak of lightning is connecting to the torch of Statue, is a sight to behold and be terrified of.

  1. The Brightest Eye

Coming in at number 82 is this picture-perfect photograph of the moon. Taken from the other side of a wall or cave, the hole, which is shaped in the form of a human eye, makes this photograph extremely different. As the white moon serves as the pupil of the eye, the wall also has its prominent eyebrow, in the form of a streak formed above the hole. Perfection in its best.

  1. Bird’s Eye

Serving bird’s eye is our picture at number 81. As an eagle sits beside a man and covers half of his face, we are presented with the photograph of an being with a human head with the mouth of a man wearing a cap, but the eyes, beaks and feathers of an eagle. Even the colour of the feathers of the bird and the human hair are similar.

  1. Angel

Next up at number 80 on our list of 100 perfectly timed photographs that will leave your jaw dropped is this angelic photograph. As a firefighter climbs down the stairs of a fire brigade, he perfectly lines up with the angelic wings on the wall next to him. As a result, it is giving us the illusion that the wings belong to him. Startingly, the colour of the wing is similar to the yellow borders of his uniform. Metaphorically too, this picture serves meaning, since a firefighter is indeed an angel who saves people from dire situations and death. So, he is essentially an angel.



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