15 Creative Selfie Ideas

Here’s another example where a selfie was taken using the side mirror of a vehicle. In this photo by @emtabb88, the focus is on the beautiful hat she’s wearing, but you can also see her face in the mirror.

If you’re expecting a child, use a full-length mirror to snap a photo of yourself and your baby bump as you progress through your pregnancy. Before you take the picture, though, check to make sure the mirror is clean and that the background is free of any clutter.


Wear a disguise, a mask or a wig. Don some funky sunglasses. Stick out your tongue. Make a silly face. If you’re in a photo booth at a wedding or other event, pick a prop or two and strike a pose. Once the professional camera takes your picture, pull out your cell phone and take a selfie.

Selfie with Skit Board

As confidence matters more than knowledge (yes, it does) and knowing the most fashionable phrases may be more important than having a skill set, one important criterion for getting on in the current world is your ability to flaunt yourself. The good news for all the shy people of the world is the fad of taking selfies. Something you can do at a place where you are completely comfortable at, with people you like to hang out with.

Selfie With Sunglasses

If you feel shy in front of a camera or just don’t feel like taking 457 photos to get the *perfect* one, throw on your favorite shades beforehand. That way you really only have to pose your lips and let’s face it – badass sunglasses make everyone look cool.

Kristin tried to do a lying-down selfie

Kristin, on her “before” selfie: I was going for “I want to make you jealous of my fun, lazy picnic,” but this just looks like a horrible boudoir photo. I look like the bride of fuckenstein.

Couple Selfie Ideas

Nowadays Every buddy knows what is Selfie. But the question “How to take a cute selfie with your partner” is still a myth. couples usually take hundreds of Selfie than select only few of them to set as Profile picture on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Couples need no makeup or any kind of hottest dress for taking a selfie. Only their love and cuteness will make photos more adorable.

Middle Age Couple Captured Selfie

Selfies are everywhere… on Twitter, on Facebook, on Instagram… and of course in our phones. We love clicking ourselves. Along with the selfie, also emerged the group selfies or usie and of course the oh-so-cute couple selfie. If you have a mister or a miss with you and you just love taking pictures with them then here are some couple selfie tips and ideas that you will surely love.

Piggy Back Selfie

Do you, at times, give your girl piggy back rides? Maybe when she is too tired of walking in heels? If you do, then why not capture one such time on camera? Click a selfie.

If you are a couple that can be obnoxiously crazy with one another, then you are lucky. Capture your inner kids on your phone. Make silly faces, stick your tongue out; as long as it’s genuine, the picture will look amazing.

Up Face Selfie

1. Eat with Your Mouth Closed 2. No Tongue Kissing Right Away 3. Don’t Talk Too Much 4. Leave Some Mystery 5. Don’t Order Something Messy 6. No Expectations 7. Don’t Drink Too Much

Group Selfie Ideas

Selfies with friends or only selfies is what everybody is doing now. I have to admit that I have become a “selfie addict” and to be honest not all the time I get to snap what I want but I still have fun. I have also learned to accept my flaws and love myself just by looking at imperfect pictures of myself that don’t capture my best angles.

Selfie With Engagement Ring

Two weeks after revealing their engagement, Anna Camp and Skylar Astin have announced more good news about their plans to wed.

The actor posted a photo of his new ring—yep, his ring!—on Twitter and wrote, “It always felt odd to me that men didn’t get engagement rings.”

He added, “Thankfully my fiancé thought so too.”

Astin proudly showed off what appears to be a silver braided band on his wedding finger.

Back in early January, the two Pitch Perfect co-stars shared that they were engaged in the most adorable of ways.

Back Shoot Mobile Selfie

Trump Selfies That Shocked The Internet

An Israeli lawmaker was blasted for worming his way through a line of dignitaries at Ben-Gurion Airport on Monday to grab a selfie with President Trump.

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